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Sharing books, Saving trees.

Book Bodhi predominantly is for students and book enthusiasts to Donate their old books to people who are finding it difficult OR not able to get these books.
If you are a student desperately trying to purchase a particular subject book, please try your luck here there must be some one wanting to donate theirs to the deserving student.

If you are a student and feel you have preserved your books in good condition, now that you have completed your course you do not need them. If decide if you decide to donate or even want to sell at a cheaper price, Please register withus, and upload the details with a photo if possible, you have chances you will get a phone call about a prospective buyer.

At present the website suggests to exchange books only between students from your same city so that you will have a chance even to meet them and pickit up directly.

Kindly send your suggestions to

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