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Sharing books,Saving trees.

The BODHI tree has a history of enlightening souls. Let us light up a needy students life with book donation through BOOKBODHI!
Virtual books, ebooks, iBooks, screenshots etc.., but nothing beats the comfort and feel of studying from a real book, so even today we still buy hard copies? Yes? Yes! of course we do. Many are often baffled with the means to disposing off the huge amounts of study material year after year, we usually end up selling it to the raddiwala for a few rupees. Don't you often feel that these very books can make a huge difference in another student's life, if it reaches the right person? Well, that's what we at BODHITREE are trying to do. CONNECTING THOSE WHO HAVE WITH THOSE WHO NEED Inculcating the reading habit in a child and stimulating its curiosity and imagination is a life long gift. Do it by passing on story books and comics your children don't read or re read anymore. The good "side effect" of donating or reusing books is that you did something that helps in saving a tree. Joyce Kilmer in his poem "Trees" said "Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree..." let's at least save a tree.

  • Number Of Books Available5
  • Number Of Books Recycled4
  • Number Of Trees Saved0

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